How can working from home change your life? – Fellipe Guimaraes

by Fellipe Guimarães on March 05, 2019

Guys, I'm not going to talk about trends today, I'm going to talk about personal experiences and how working from home can change your life?

Six months ago I went through a difficult phase in life where I got sick straight away, thank god I had wonderful people on my side to help me through it.

This happened because I was working too hard, studying, and under a lot of stress, spending 4 hours on public transport was not doing me any good.

After thinking a lot I decided to change my life, I finished college, left my job to work independently to face an uncertain future, the only certainty I had and that I wanted to program and make products with impeccable quality and be honest. In my opinion, the current market doesn't, with a little luck, friends and contacts I'm managing to grow, starting a company called codeby with my main ideals, and I'm sure my company will work because I'm focused on determination.

I think we can all work from home and more than that we can work on our dreams, today I work harder, study more and live more because I work at home, I think you reading this should try it, why life is too short to be living the right and the uncertain can bring you more happiness.