Fellipe Guimarães



My passion is to help my clients be more profitable through technological solutions. Working since 2014 for the global growth of the Codeby Group, developing successful projects for national and multinational clients such as Pizza Hut (Mexico and El Salvador), Telemarkets (Chile), F64 (Romania), Motorola (USA); Rosset Group, KCF, Lego Brasil, Alpargatas, among others.


6 years programming in Ruby, PHP, JS, Front-end Stack languages, with more than 500 projects carried out, including systems development, integrations, e-commerces and frameworks.


The growth and success of the Codeby Group is due to the exceptional team built over time, made up of technology lovers who believe in and faithfully practice the company's culture. I achieved my goal of building a team of versatile professionals, with technical and personal skills to not only develop technical solutions, but also humanize each process.

My mission is to create technological solutions following the 7 pillars of the Bushido Code: Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity, Courage, Honor, Respect, Compassion.

Get to know some solutions: Hibiro, Shoplook, Ecomfy, Pickupby, QRCodey, SocialBuy.

Let's change the world together #somsoumtime